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Moryaki-Shamariki aquatic center range of services can satisfy anyone who wants his or her child to start or continue swimming classes. The first step is home swimming. It can be done from the very first weeks of your kid’s life. Call for our specialist and he will tell you everything about a system of physical development for children under 1 year old, about methods of cold water treatment, ways of health-improving massage and gymnastics complex before going swimming. He will teach you backing support and exercises on water. You will gain necessary skills, knowledge and confidence in your own beginnings and powers. Within the frameworks of “Patronage” program you can call in our coach for your child for a period of 3 months. During this period your child will grow, strengthen his basic essential swimming reflexes and it will be possible to make the second step – go and visit our aquatic center together with your kid. Say, change “fleet” water, which the kid would have already overgrown by that time, onto “deep” water! It is important to scrutinize all our programs and choose the one that fits you precisely, and we will help you do that explaining all the details.

Family swimming.

(up to 3 years old)
under coach’s supervision

-Mum and kid

-Dad and kid

-Granny and kid

-Mum, dad and kid

Mini-groups training

under coach’s supervision

- Mums and kids (2 months – 3 years, 2 couples)

- Kids (4-6 years old, 2-3 kids)

Express course

«Children's preventive health massage».