Our rules

Visiting our aquatic center is only possible after an appointment and a prepayment for the following month. Purchased abonnement is a personal document and is provided at entrance to the administrator in order to keep accounting and mark off a class.

Children are only allowed for the class if provided the following medical certificates:

For a toddler under 1 year old:

- A permissive certificate from the therapist of children’s polyclinics according to the place of residence concerning his or her contacts and health issues (with a statement “the child is totally healthy, permitted for classes in pool”, “no epidemic diseases around the house”);

- A permissive certificate from the neurologist (no restrictions for diving).

For a child older than 1 year:

- A permissive certificate from the pediatrician;

- Certificates with negative results for helminthes eggs analysis and scraping for enterobiasis.

For adults:

- A permissive certificate from the therapist + stool test for helminthes eggs, scraping for enterobiasis, venous blood for RW reaction, for women – gynecologist permission, smear; for men – dermatovenerologist permission, smear.

   Statements for permission certificates: “healthy, permitted for classes in pool”, provided with analysis results.

All the certificated are to be renewed each half a year. Period of validity for one certificate per class: “about contacts” – 3 days, analysis – 10 days. For convenience of parents the Center has entered into agreement with “Euromed” medical center, where you can get “Swimming pool” certificate with 10% discount.

We hope for your understanding that such strict control over health issues will guarantee purity of water in all of the three pools, because our main goal is to give happiness and positive mood for all who comes to us, especially for those who attends classes in “Mom and kid” groups.


· Second pair of shoes for kid and adult (thongs for the pool with antislip surface;

· Towels for all who swims (bathrobes);

·- Any hygiene accessories (there are basics in our place if needed).

For toddlers:

· A shroud and diaper for nappy changing table;

· Swimming trunks or aqua diaper for under 2 years old (can be bought at our place);

· Favorite toys from home will make swimming even more comfortable.

For children over 3 years old:

· Swimming cap (if hair is long – no matter the age – the cap is needed);

· Swimming trunks and bathing costume (in case of the child needs to go to the water closet);

· Watersport goggles.

If you forget to bring anything of that – no big deal! We will be happy to give you a helping hand!



· All the attendants have to come in 10-15 minutes advance before the class;

· The program presupposes a compulsory exercises set – gymnastics for each age under control and with help of the coach;

· It is forbidden to use creams and oil for swimming (even at home during that day – the baby will be slippery in water which would make swimming more difficult;

· It is necessary to lift the child onto the potty or visit the water closet in order to avoid water infection;

· Before entering the pool it is necessary to take a shower (both for children and adults) with abstergents;

· It is obligatory to wash the child’s private parts and only after that put on a diaper and a bathing costume;

· It is forbidden to enter or go out of the pool without coach’s permission;

· It is important to follow safety instructions before, during and after attending the swimming class;

· Follow recommendations of the instructor concerning longevity and intensity of the class;

· It is forbidden to do “number one” inside of the pool. If it is urgently needed to be done – feel free to go out to the water closet;

· It is important to leave the center quickly after the class in order not to create a mess and nuisance for other visitors.



· All the classes are documented in the Abonnement stating exact dates and time;

· An abonnement can be purchased for a period of 1 month;

· In case of missing the class due to a valid reason with timely warning the class may be postponed and visited later in accordance with the abonnement;

· In other cases, if you do not come during prescribed period of time, the class will be considered missed, it will not be postponed and its cost will not be reimbursed;

· Being late reduces time of the class.

Please, thoroughly look through the 3 Article of current Agreement: Settlement terms in accordance with the Agreement and Article 4: Time management for attending classes.


We recommend to refrain from attending the class in case if:

· The child is sick with running nose, coughing, has a sore throat or pain in the ear;

· Has a high temperature;

· Has a rash or little wound.


· Commit no nuisance and make no noisy sounds;

· Conduct oneself respectfully towards other visitors of the center and all the employees;

· Not to allow acting dangerously for surrounding people;

· Not to leave children unattended; parents remain fully responsible for child’s life, his or her health condition and damage caused by the child towards center’s stuff or other children;

· Not to damage property and equipment of the center;

· Not to enter the center with a gum, ice-cream, glass, bladed articles.



· If the client is not following the above mentioned rules and Agreement conditions to deforce of a right to visit the center without any compensation (but we hope that’ll be no need to do so);

· Introduce alterations to team and groups timetable and urgently change the coach without warning;

· Verify provided medical certificates (it is necessary in your behalf);

· Request reimbursement for material damage suffered.

We hope that these rules will make visits to our aquatic center pleasant, comfortable and useful, and our children edutainment club as well as the aqua center will become your second home, where it is so nice to come back!

Moryaki-Shamariki are opened for you daily from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. with no breaks or days off.

Additional information and appointing can be done via telephone: +7-988-557-557-2